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#2 Album on the APD country Charts

Since the release of Hugh Phillips’ debut album ‘It’s Been A Long Time’, in October of last fall, it has reached #2 on the AirPlayDirect Global Country Album Top 50 for February 2021, and in the first month reached #141 on CDX Nashville’s Top Country Album Charts [12/2020]. Cleary the DJ’s of country radio are hearing a fresh and exciting new sound and playing it on their shows. 

Hugh has had great success with the record having interviews on Hillbilly Highway Radio Show with DJ Glenn, and KDNK community radio.

DJ Glenn [Hillbilly Highway] was happy to play Hugh’s tunes and talk about what real country sounds are, and the hard work that makes an artist these days. The work that goes into writing and making an album is challenging and costly Glenn pointed out and gave Hugh accolades for his efforts that clearly show through the great song writing and genuine country flavour of his album. 

KDNK was equally excited about Hugh’s debut album and interviewed him a few times. Thanks to Luke and DJ Sparkles for the plays and the great discussion about the record, it is seeing significant charting performance as a result. Much can be said of volunteer DJ’s and their passion for music. 

The newspapers have even picked up on the buzz. Glenwood Springs Post Independent, wrote an article about Hugh’s new release and dug a bit deeper into his world of music production, cars, and life in general. Check it out here.

Hugh Phillips - It's Been A Long Time

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