Hugh Phillips

Hugh Phillips

life revisited

Hugh Phillips is a performing singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, Nashville recording artist, and executive producer hailing from Carbondale Colorado. He is known for his vintage country sound and has just released his first full length album. Featuring twelve original songs recorded in Nashville TN. written in his own unique way of painting the picture of the west he calls home. He traded his life long career as a Toyota Technician and business owner for professional music in 2016. Over the years of performing he has shared the stage with Keller and the Keels, performed with StrayGrass, Shaun Ray, Bluegrass Offenders, and Jerry Stringer Band. He has been described as a modern country bluegrass man, with his heart right smack dab in the middle of the Folk/Americana scene.

Never having formal instruction on guitar, Phillips sought to learn the flat pick style from his heroes in bluegrass, and country. He continued on to explore jazz, blues and old traditional tunes on many instruments including; mandolin, upright bass, dobro, piano, and electric guitar. Phillips has since had formal instruction, and enjoys music education in all its forms. These inspirations and inquiries into music have shaped his writing and playing today into tasty acoustic wanderings you can be sure to feel at any of his shows. Always presenting from the heart vocally, his wide range and stylings come from his teachers and mentors who have helped set him apart.

Phillips has always enjoyed playing and writing intriguing and colourful pieces. Much of his influence today comes from modern singer/songwriters who have profound lyrics and melodies. He has only been writing for a short time, and has a catalogue of songs that sets the vintage country stylings of the past on stage, while boldly stating the current human conditions familiar to us all. This unique style has earned him praise like:  ‘a surprising and evocative performance!’ His debut album is available now.